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*Please note that we do not make any guarantee that the C4R PPI calculator is accurate. The C4R PPI Calculator is for information and guidance purposes only and NO advice or guarantees are provided as to the accuracy of the figures displayed in the calculator, we are not liable for any mistakes.

PPI Calculator

You could be owed thousands of pounds for mis-sold PPI and be eligible to a PPI refund

Why not try the Claim4Refunds PPI Calculator to see how much money you could be owed?


It can be difficult, time consuming and complex to work out what you could be owed or entitled to as part of any compensation for mis-sold PPI.

By inputting the figures you believe you paid for your PPI into our calculator you can see an estimated valuation of the settlement you may be entitled to on completion of a successful PPI claim.

While many PPI payouts are accurate and in line with what the claimants are entitled to, there have been far too many PPI refunds that weren’t. Some of the big banks have been fined significant amounts for the way that they have mishandled customers PPI mis-selling claims, for example Lloyds was fined £117 Million pounds by the Financial Conduct Authority, Clydesdale Bank was fined £20 Million pounds for the way it handled customers PPI claims.  By using our services we will also review the offer made by your bank. Some banks have had to reopen PPI redress because it appeared that claimants had not been given the correct amount of refunds originally.