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Founded over 300 years ago, Barclays is a very familiar name on the high street and has always been at the forefront of personal banking. It was the first bank to introduce ATM technology and the first to launch a personal credit card, both in the 1960s.

Not surprisingly then, it was also at the forefront of the explosion of new financial products in the 1990s and it has sold thousands upon thousands of PPI policies to its customers.  The landmark court ruling of 2011 which decided that customers mis-sold PPI were entitled to compensation for claims dating back years has cost the bank dearly.


Were you sold a Barclays PPI policy in the last fifteen years or so?

Barclays has already paid out something in the region of £2 billion in refunds and interest, but it’s estimated that their final expenditure on putting this right could reach £5 billion.  If you were sold a Barclays PPI policy in the last fifteen years or so then you have every reason to feel optimistic about your chances of receiving a full refund.


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Damage Limitation

Barclays, like all the major high street banks, is engaged in expensive damage limitation.  The PPI scandal has been a public relations disaster and a bank with such historic roots as Barclays which proudly boasts of its ethical Quaker origins is determined to rescue its name from association with a scheme which, although apparently designed to help borrowers, has actually ended up exploiting them.

Make Your Claim Correctly

Barclays are acting transparently and fairly in this process.  They are prepared to hold their hands up to legitimate claims and offer full compensation. But it’s important to make the claim correctly.



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