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We all recognise the black horse of Lloyds Bank. And you can read plenty about Lloyds Bank’s involvement in the mis-selling of PPI elsewhere on this website.

Black Horse is an arm of Lloyds which specialises in providing finance to the purchasers of motorbikes, cars and caravans. It operates through a network of 5,000 dealers and every year over 200,000 consumers obtain a loan from Black Horse to buy a vehicle.


One of the Worst Offenders in Mis-selling PPI

Lloyds is one of the worst offenders in the PPI mis-selling scandal, and Black Horse has contributed significantly to its record of wrong-doing.

If you have taken a loan with Black Horse it is almost certain that you will have been sold a PPI policy, but you probably won’t know it.

As aggressive sellers of loans and PPI policies, it is no surprise that Black Horse have been equally aggressive in their attempts to deflect, discourage and disallow compensation claims from customers who have found that they bought a policy they neither need nor wanted and in many cases weren’t aware they had bought.

When the Financial Ombudsman Service was called in to investigate it found in favour of 97% of complainants.


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Lloyds Culpability

Lloyds Banking Group accepted culpability for the misdeeds of its subsidiary and accepted a £4.3 million fine for holding up payments to disgruntled customers.

The sign of the black horse was once respected, but the brand has become toxic. If you ever took out a loan with Black Horse then you could be in line for a full refund of your premiums as well as the statutory 8% interest on top.

We Will Fight Your Claim

That could be a significant amount of money. And on a no win no fee† basis, we could drive your claim through and get you back the money that has been taken from you without your fully informed consent. You really have nothing to lose.

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