Can I Claim?

If you took out credit cards, loans, mortgages, hire purchase agreements and store cards between 1985 – 2010 then there is a possibility you may have been mis-sold PPI.

Lenders selling PPI polices are obliged to tell you about the specific criteria of the policy – and to confirm that it’s the right product for you.

Reasons why you may be entitled to compensation!

  • You were not informed that you were purchasing a PPI policy
  • You may not have understood the PPI policy you have, or had – it was not properly explained
  • You felt pressurised into buying PPI
  • You were told you had to take PPI out. It was sold as compulsory -when in fact it was optional
  • You were told PPI would increase the chances of getting the Loan or Credit Card
  • You had the false impression you had to buy the PPI policy
  • A lot of people thought they had to take out the PPI policy if they wanted to take out a Credit Card
  • It was never explained that the policy only covered the minimum monthly payment on the card
  • The PPI policy did not cover the full term of the loan
  • You were not told that PPI policies did not cover injuries caused by long-term illness or pre-existing medical conditions
  • Policies did not cover the self-employed, key workers, unemployed persons and redundant or retired persons

Were you sold a ‘single premium’ loan policy?

This is where the whole cost of the payment protection insurance is added as a big lump sum at the start of the agreement. This is then repaid over the term of the loan.

If you had one of these polices and left or changed the agreement part-way through, but didn’t get a refund at the time, you may be eligible for a partial refund.


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