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HFC began life as Household Finance Corp. in the USA in 1878.  It is thought that it was the first financial company to offer loans on an instalment repayment plan.  In the early part of the 21st Century it gained an undesirable association with predatory practices and was fined nearly half a billion dollars.  Not long after this episode, HFC was acquired by HSBC but some years later HSBC’s chairman expressed regret that HSBC had ever become involved.

HFC operated in the UK as a sub-prime lender, which means it specialised in loans to high-risk customers.  It was the collapse of the sub-prime market in 2008 which contributed significantly to the worldwide recession.

As you can see, HFC’s services really should have come with a health warning.  They were very active in the promotion of PPI, adding it to loans, claiming it would deliver a better APR – even though it did no such thing – and making it the first part of the loan to be paid off, which had the effect of lengthening the term of the loan.


Up to 163,000 Customers Might Have Been Missold PPI

In 2008 the Financial Services Authority found that 75% of the company’s loans were sold with PPI. This meant up to 163,000 customers might have been sold insurance that was completely unsuitable for them. But because the majority of HFC’s borrowers were sub-prime they had very limited options when seeking loans. This made them ideal targets for HFC’s aggressive practices. As a result, HFC was fine a then record sum of £1.09 million

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Consumers Are Still Entitled to Make a Claim

With the deadline for reclaiming missold PPI likely to be set at June 2019, thousands of consumers are still entitled to make a claim and it is possible that such a claim against HFC will succeed even if you no longer have the paperwork relating to the loan.


Make Your Claim Correctly

HFC are acting transparently and fairly in this process. They are prepared to hold their hands up to legitimate claims and offer full compensation. But it’s important to make the claim correctly.



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