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Contrary to what its name suggests, the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank was founded by a Scotsman in the British colony of Hong Kong in the mid 19th Century. Soon it became a corporation and then in the 1950s transformed into HSBC Holdings. It secured its presence on the UK high street through the acquisition in 1992 of the Midland Bank, which had long been one of the UK’s ‘Big Four’ banks, along with Barclays, Lloyds and Natwest.

HSBC pioneered telephone banking in the UK when it launched First Direct in the 1980s, an operation that still rates highly in customer service surveys. The model has since been extended worldwide. For decades it has been busily acquiring financial institutions around the world in its bid to become the world leader.

HSBC also found itself the target of some pretty lurid allegations of money-laundering in 2005, which it denied, although the accusations later proved to be true.

Nonetheless, HSBC remained an extremely successful bank which came through the financial crash of 2007-2008 in better shape than most of its competitors.


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Mis-Selling PPI

HSBC became heavily involved in the mis-selling of PPI policies to its customers. The main protection products were Personal Loan, Cardholder Repayment, Flexiloan Repayment, Mortgage Repayment and Small Business Loan Repayment. HSBC stopped selling these products by 2008 and in 2011 adopted the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules on dealing with PPI complaints.


Claim a PPI Refund

HSBC is now fully geared up to respond to complaints and issue refunds and compensation where a claim is upheld. It’s important to set out a claim clearly and comprehensively, which is exactly what we do. On a no win no fee† basis we will take up your claim and steer it through to its conclusion, only then taking a competitive commission on the sum awarded.

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