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The sign of the black horse has long been synonymous with reliable, professional financial service. It has always been considered one of the ‘Big Four’ and it dates back to the mid-18th Century, experiencing significant expansion during the next two centuries. It shares a strong Quaker tradition with Barclays.

Famously, Lloyds was one of the big casualties of the financial crash of 2007 and 2008, when public money was pumped in to save the bank from collapse.

Mis-Sold PPI

As a major retail bank Lloyds had become heavily involved in the sale of new financial products such as PPI in the 1990s. The 2011 court ruling against the banks and in favour of those who were mis-sold PPI consequently hit Lloyds hard.

It’s important to remember that Lloyds had by the end of the 20th Century acquired or merged with a number of other banking institutions, such as the Cheltenham and Gloucester, the Trustee Savings Bank and Abbey Life Insurance. Although several of its subsidiaries have since been sold off both in the UK and abroad, responsibility for the actions of those subsidiaries in mis-selling PPI while under the Lloyds umbrella remains with Lloyds.


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Your Right to Claim

So if you have taken out a loan, a mortgage or a credit card since the 1990s from any of the companies of which Lloyds was the ultimate parent then the courts have granted you the right to claim and receive compensation in the form of a full refund of the premiums paid as well as the statutory 8% interest on top.

Don’t Miss Out

But don’t wait too long. Lenders are trying to get a limit placed on the amount of time claimants have to make their claims. There are billions of pounds waiting to be claimed, and if you have been a victim of mis-selling by Lloyds you don’t want to miss out.



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