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Maryland Bank National Association is an unusual player on the UK financial stage. As its name suggests, it is a US institution, owned by Maryland National Bank, which dates back to the early 20th Century. Although owned by a bank, MBNA is actually a credit card provider.

MBNA has aggressively marketed its credit card services in the UK for a number of years, while it has encountered controversy at home in the USA over its inflated interest rates. To avoid a damaging clash with regulators  MBNA moved its operations to what it called the ‘business friendly’ state of Delaware.

Some of its practices have been described as ‘disingenuous money-making tactics’. It doubled or triple interest rates, insisted on applying repayments to the highest interest bearing items on credit card accounts, shifting the monthly billing cycle to maximise the interest payable, imposing disproportionate penalties on late payments and pursuing customers who were in arrears to a degree described by some as ‘harassment’.


MBNA – PPI Mis-selling

In the UK they have been energetically signing up new customers for years and, like every financial institution you could name, they too have been deeply involved in the mis-selling of PPI. Their entire business is based on the provision of credit, sometimes at hugely inflated interest rates, but with the added profit making tool of PPI policies that do not meet their customers’ needs, circumstances or expectations.


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Credit card debt is at an all time high in the UK, and since 1982 MBNA has made deep inroads into this sector. It is one of the largest credit suppliers in the UK. Experts estimate that one in every three people has had an MBNA credit card at some time.

MBNA are expert in raising obstacles to compensations. Incomplete files, lost records, insufficient evidence: all these are  reasons MBNA regularly raise to deflect compensation claims.


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Claim4Refunds are not deterred by MBNA’s tactics. We are on the side of the consumer and we will fight your claim to the end, winning you the compensation to which you are entitled from an organisation that has consistently put profit first, second and third, with you the customer a distant fourth.

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