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The Nationwide Building Society is another mutual which was founded in the early Victorian era. Its early connections were with the midlands and the south but by 1970 it had a fully national presence hence its name change from the Co-operative Permanent to the Nationwide.

The Nationwide has been formed from approximately a hundred mergers and acquisitions over the years but it resolutely resisted the trend in the 1980s and 1990s for building society’s to demutualise and reorganise themselves as share-holder owned banks. Nationwide is still committed to its mutual status and is almost unique as a major banking player that has no share-holders.


Nationwide Customers Are Just as Likely to Have Been Mis-sold a PPI Policy.

However, the constitution of the Nationwide makes no practical difference to its involvement in the selling of new financial products towards the end of thre last century, and if you are or were a Nationwide customer you are just as likely as the customer of any bank to have been mis-sold a PPI policy.


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Your Right to Claim

This mis-selling scandal continues to make the news today – not least because of the numbers of claims that are being turned down. Thousands of PPI claims are being rejected by banks that are not even making proper assessments of the merits of each case. Some banks are claiming that customers never had PPI policies to begin with, even though borrowers can prove it.

Initially resistant to PPI claims, the Nationwide has now put in place a pretty efficient system for processing and assessing claims. However, it is important to prepare a case thoroughly. You need the appropriate documentation and a clearly expressed recollection of the events surrounding the credit agreement of which the PPI sale formed a part.


Don’t Miss Out

As PPI claim specialists, we handle PPI claims every day. It is second nature to our operatives. We know exactly what information we need from you and from your lender, and we can build a case to support a successful claim. All we need is a little of your time and your formal authority to act on your behalf.

So, if you are now or have been in the past a customer of the Nationwide why not talk to us today to find out if you have a valid claim? It won’t cost you a penny and it might make you very happy.



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