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The Royal Bank of Scotland was founded in 1727, given its charter by a British government that suspected the established Bank of Scotland of favouring the Jacobites.  In 1728 RBS invented the overdraft as an innovative way of making funds available to merchants and entrepreneurs on credit.

Throughout the 20th Century RBS expanded its operations into the rest of the UK, swallowing up smaller institutions in a series of acquisitions all of which were finally rebranded under the RBS name in 1985.

In common with most financial institutions, RBS has come under repeated scrutiny for its behaviour and ethics. In 2011 the bank was fined a staggering £28.58 million for anti-competitive practices in relation to loan pricing.

As the immensely lucrative financial product PPI took the banking world by storm RBS made sure it gained its share of the market.  PPI was so easy to sell to unsuspecting customers who rarely even knew they were buying it that it became too tempting for the banks to ignore.  As the whole fiasco has unravelled, bank after bank had faced fines and an obligation to answer all claims of misselling with compensation.

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RBS Forced to Set Aside a Further £500 Million to Cover Claims.

By 2015 RBS had paid out £2.5 billion in costs and bills including PPI compensation, an outlay which pushed it into loss for the year.  However, the fallout from PPI selling has not abated and by the beginning of 2016 RBS had been forced to set aside a further £500 million to cover claims.

Time to Make Amends

RBS knew what they were doing as they aggressively sold often useless and unwanted insurance. They have been found out and they are now under a legal obligation to make amends.



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