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Santander is something of a newcomer on Britain’s high streets. You may be aware that Santander  Group is a Spanish banking corporation but it would be wrong to assume that the UK operation is any different form other UK banks.

Santander UK operates completely independently of its Spanish parent. However, it was formed in 2010 from the merger of Abbey National and Bradford & Bingley, which were soon joined by the Alliance and Leicester. The landmark court ruling on PPI claims came just a year after Santander formed, but the fact that it took on the businesses of three much longer established banking companies means that Santander UK is liable for all the mis-selling of PPI which may have been perpetrated by those three companies on which it is founded.

Furthermore, Santander moved early on into the business of providing branded credit cards on behalf of large department stores such as Debenhams, Topshop and House of Fraser. So if you hold credit cards at any of these stores there is a very good chance that you were sold PPI along with your credit agreement. And if you were wondering who to approach in order to claim then wonder no more – the buck stops with Santander.

Ironically for a new bank, Santander has long had a reputation as offering the worst customer service in the UK, although it has been trying to improve its image, not least by relocating its call centres from India to the UK.


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Another very important part of its campaign to rehabilitate its image is to respond transparently and effectively to claims about mis-sold PPI. Although the paying out of compensation is extremely costly, Santander finds itself with very little choice. It has decided to show a kind of corporate remorse by co-operating fully with claimants and their claim handling agents. In that way Santander hopes to recover some of its lost respect and reassure savers and borrowers of its restored integrity.


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If you have been a victim of any one of Santander’s subsidiary operations then you are fully entitled to take advantage of their attempt at restitution.
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